Our process:

Our website is simple and easy, that is the way we run our business:
You email us the Final Detailed Working Drawings (pdf)
We issue a price
We do the assessment
You pay the bill
We email back the Certificate/s and stamped drawings (pdf)
Simple and Easy

We are accredited with the BDAV and have a Certificate 4 in NatHERS Assessments (CPP41212).

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APR Building Services

$169.00 is based on (FirstRate5):

$169.00 Inc GST (per Assessment) is based on a new single storey house/dwelling using standard basic construction methods up to 200 sqm with no split levels and/or multi wall, floor and roof constructions.

Split levels and/or multi wall, floor and roof constructions will incur extra fees due to the extra work involved in performing the assessment.

If the existing/proposed dwelling can achieve 6 Stars on its own then only one assessment will be required.

But if the existing/proposed dwelling can not achieve the minimum 6 Stars required then the Victorian Building Authority's Practice Note: 2018-55 will be used. This is where two assessments are required.

One assessment is based on the existing dwelling as it stand now and other assessment is based on the proposed dwelling (Total $338.00 Inc GST: Single Storey - up to 200 SQM with no split levels and/or multi wall, floor and roof constructions).

You will also need to add $79.00 Inc Gst for our Regulation 233 Worksheet which works our the areas/volumes of the project (Base on a Single Storey Dwelling).

* A price will be issued via email if the project is outside these parameters once we have been supplied with the Working Drawings.

** Artificial Lighting Reports are not part of an energy rating report/process, if required then separate pricing applies.

We require the following (FirstRate5):

The Detailed Working Drawings (in pdf file) that you will be submitting to the Building Surveyor and/or Council but should also show the following details:
Site Plan with a north point also showing bearings/degrees.
To scale Existing Floor Plans showing all named areas/zones, existing doors, existing window including types, materials & sizes; existing floor coverings; existing exhaust fans; existing recessed downlights; existing floor, wall & ceiling insulations values; existing building materials & with at least one overall dimension shown.
Proposed Floor Plans showing all new works (including the layout of the existing dwelling); new doors; new window materials & sizes; new floor coverings & fully dimensioned.
Labelled Elevations showing; windows including materials, types & openability; roof materials including styles & colours; plus external cladding including types & colours.
Sections must show construction materials, systems & sizes; plus location of insulation.
Lighting/Electrical plans (If available).
Window and Door Schedules must show material types, sizes and openability styles (If available).