Our process:

Our website is simple and easy, that is the way we run our business:
You email us the Final Detailed Working Drawings (pdf)
We issue a price
We do the assessment
You pay the bill
We email back the Certificate/s and stamped drawings (pdf)
Simple and Easy

We are accredited with the BDAV and have a Certificate 4 in NatHERS Assessments (CPP41212).


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APR Building Services

"We focus on assessing small to medium new dwellings as well as Alterations and/or Additions. This makes us ideal for volume builders plus small to medium size businesses such as Designers and/or Draftspersons because we don't get tied down on massive or over complicated architectural projects".

Hi, my name is Allen and I would like to welcome you to the website of APR Building Services.

I have been in or associated within the building industry for well over 25 years. Back In March 2008, I decided that I wanted to work for myself but under the banner of a Thermal Performance Assessor (House Energy Rater). So I completed the RMIT University course of Building Thermal Performance Assessment - FirstRate5 and I have been doing assessments since 2008.

Also in 2015, I completed my Certificate 4 in NatHERS Assessments which is now a requirement if you wish to practice as an accredited NatHERS Assessor.

I have always believed that a Good Sustainable Home comes from a Good Design. Over the last couple of years I have noticed this more so in the drawings that we have assessed.

When we hit a difficult project we work through the options that are available with our clients. This is because we understand construction processes and the materials that are available, we just don’t up the glazing.

"But, if you're going to build a house out of glass then you have to be prepared to pay for the glazing."

Currently I am sitting on the BDAV’s Thermal Performance Assessors Technical Advisory Committee and work with some fantastic people who all volunteer their time to better further our profession. We work on and review Practice Notes, Seminars, Webinars, regulations, government documents, etc.

So I look forward look to using my knowledge on your next project and/or on a continued basis for your business.

Yours truly
Allen Roberts