Our process:

Our process is simple and easy:
You email us your Working Drawings (pdf)
We'll issue you a price with details required via email
You email back the details we require so we can do the assessment/s
When the assessment/s are completed we'll email back the data with a Tax Invoice
You check the data and pay the Tax Invoice
We'll email back the Certificate/s with the stamped Working Drawings (all in pdf)
Simple and Easy
No visits required
100% Online Service

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We are accredited with Design Matters National and hold a Certificate 4 in NatHERS Assessments - CPP41212.

We are also a small Australian family business. All our reporting and assessments are done right here in Australia, not off shore.

Issuing a Price:
We issue our prices via email once we have been supplied the Working Drawings.

At the same time we will also issue a list of extra details required so we can complete the assessment/s.

Once you are happy with the price then you just reply to the email with the details we have requested.

Issued prices via email are only valid for 30 days from the sent date on our email.

After 90 days of an issued price, a new set of working drawings will need to be issued to us for re pricing. This is due to any changes that may have occurred.

Assessments (energy ratings) are based on the information supplied to us in the form of drawings plus emailed details.

It is not APR Building Services responsibility to make a project/dwelling achieve the minimum star rating required based on this information supplied.

We will put forward proposals for achievement but all fees are still to be paid for works carried out and reassessment fees will apply to further works for compliance.

Please Note:
If an unpaid Tax Invoice is sent to our Debt Collection Agency then all costs for recovery will be payable in addition to the amount/s owed.

This page was updated - 01.01.2022


APR Building Services - Price Guide

Standard rates per Assessment, per Dwelling:

$199.00 Inc Gst: Single Storey - up to 250 SQM.
$249.00 Inc Gst: Single Storey - up to 350 SQM.
$299.00 Inc Gst: Single Storey - up to 450 SQM.
$349.00 Inc Gst: Single Storey - up to 550 SQM.

$249.00 Inc Gst: Double Storey - up to 250 SQM.
$299.00 Inc Gst: Double Storey - up to 350 SQM.
$349.00 Inc Gst: Double Storey - up to 450 SQM.
$399.00 Inc Gst: Double Storey - up to 550 SQM.

* The pricing above is based on a new dwelling using standard basic designs and/or construction methods, non standard architectural designs and/or constructions methods will be priced accordingly.

** All projects are issued a price via email with details required once we have received the Working Drawing.

*** Artificial Lighting Reports are not part of an energy rater's reporting process, if required then a separate price will be issued.

Online Certificates, per Assessment/Dwelling:
(As from July the 12th, 2021 by FirstRate5)

$33.00 Inc Gst: New dwelling per assessment.
$33.00 Inc Gst: Alteration & Addition works per assessment.
$33.00 Inc Gst: Existing dwelling per assessment.

When an assessment has been completed and paid for, the file is then required to be up loaded to FirstRate5® so a certificate/s and stamp/s can be purchased. This certificate is to be submitted with your stamped Working Drawings to your RBS and/or Council.

Purchased certificate/s can now be replaced with new certificate/s after amendments/changes to a project for free but;
• must have an identical address as the original certificate,
• must be uploaded and produced within 12 months of the 1st original certificate issued,
• certificates issued prior to 12.07.2021 are not replaceable.

Please Note: We don't stamp and/or issue Certificates against Preliminary and/or Not for Construction Drawings.

Details can be viewed on FirstRate5's website here

Town Planning Drawings:

We also do assessments on Town Planning Drawings if required. These assessments are a guide/assumption only because they are based mainly on default settings and a lot of assumptions due to the lack of detail with in these drawings.

We don't stamp or issue final certificates/reports on these type of drawings. This is because they are not the final drawing set and Detailed Working Drawings are required for submission for a building permit.

When we have received the Detail Working Drawings an additional re-assessment fee will apply because we will need to check and re-assess the files/s based on the details with in these drawings for the building permit requirements.

But if there are major changes between the Town Planning Drawings and the Detailed Working Drawings issued back to us (Structural, Details and/or Floor Plan layouts) then a full assessment/s may be required and full fees will apply.

Alteration and/or Addition Works:

The assessment of a alteration and/or addition project is based on the Victorian Building Authority's Practice Note: 2018-55. This is where two assessments may be required.

One assessment is based on the existing dwelling as it stands now and the other assessment is based on the proposed dwelling, both must be whole house assessments.
($398.00: 2 x Single storey dwelling - up to 250 sqm)

But if the proposed dwelling can achieve the minimum 6 Stars required on its own then only one assessment will be required.
($199.00: Single storey dwelling - up to 250 sqm)

You will also need to add $99.00 Inc Gst for our Regulation 233 Worksheet which works our the areas/volumes of the project.

Re assessment (Per assessment):

Re assessment fees start from $55.00 Inc Gst per hour and applies to any changes to the Final Working Drawings.

This fee also applies to Final Working Drawings issued where the original drawings were assessed as Town Planning Drawings.

Any changes made to a project which include construction materials, windows and/or insulation values will mean that the Final Working Drawings will need to be re assessed and the above fee applies.

But if there are major changes to the Final Working Drawings (Structural, Details and/or Floor Plan layout) then a full assessment may be required and full fees will apply.

* If we have requested amended Final Working Drawings once the assessment has been completed and the drawings are received after 30 days, then a Re assessment fee may/will apply.

** But if we receive the Final Working Drawings after 6 months then a Re assessment or a Fully assessment may/will be required and full fees apply.

$99.00 - DTS Reports (Single parts only):

NCC 2019: V2, BCA - Part Loss of Ceiling Insulation.
NCC 2019: V2, BCA - Part Artificial Lighting.

Based on a project construction up to 250 SQM.


If you require an BESS, ESD, SDA, STEPS and/or a Storm council report, we recommend Craig and this team at Low Impact Development (LID) Consulting.

Contact LID here to get your project reports underway.

Craig & this team are passionate about their business and what they do so you will be in very good hands.

(All prices shown on this page Include GST)