Energy Smart Housing

The Energy Smart Housing Manual was created by the Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria in 2006.

The manual aims to assist builders, designers, energy raters and home owners in maximising the energy saving potential of any property or house design.

Even though this document was published in 2006, I personally still find it very resourceful.

Energy Smart Housing

Energy Smart Housing

Chapter 1 - Benefits of Energy Smart Housing (pdf)

Chapter 2 - Energy Smart Design (pdf)

Chapter 3 - Sun, Climate and Comfort (pdf)

Chapter 4 - Siting and Solar Access (pdf)

Chapter 5 - Windows (pdf)

Chapter 6 - Thermal Mass (pdf)

Chapter 7 - Insulation (pdf)

Chapter 8 - Air Movement (pdf)

Chapter 9 - Services, Lighting and Appliances (pdf)

Chapter 10 - Landscape Design (pdf)