Our process:

Our website is simple and easy, that is the way we run our business:
You email us the Final Detailed Working Drawings (pdf)
We issue a price
We do the assessment
You pay the bill
We email back the Certificate/s and stamped drawings (pdf)
Simple and Easy

We are accredited with the BDAV and have a Certificate 4 in NatHERS Assessments (CPP41212).

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APR Building Services

$169.00 is based on (FirstRate5):

$169.00 Inc GST (per Assessment) is based on a new single storey house/dwelling using standard basic construction methods up to 200 with no split levels and/or multi wall, floor and roof constructions.

Split levels and/or multi wall, floor and roof constructions will incur extra fees due to the extra work involved in performing the assessment.

* A price will be issued via email if the project is outside these parameters once we have been supplied with the Working Drawings.

** Artificial Lighting Reports are not part of an energy rating report/process, if required then separate pricing applies.

We require the following (FirstRate5):

The Detailed Working Drawings (in pdf file) that you will be submitting to the Building Surveyor and/or Council but should also show the following detail:
Site Plan with a north point also showing bearings/degrees.
Floor Plans showing; window sizes or numbered to a Window Schedule, door sizes, floor coverings and fully dimensioned.
Labelled Elevations showing; windows including materials, types & openability; roof materials including styles & colours; plus external cladding including types & colours.
Sections must show construction material, systems & sizes; plus location of insulation.
Lighting/Electrical plans (If available) .
Window and Door Schedules must show material types, sizes and openability style (If available) .

APR Building Services